Saturday, September 12, 2009

No Internet

Yes there is no internet at home! It's been two weeks already and I'm still waiting for Globe to fix whatever problem it is they are having at their exchange or base station or whatever. I'm tired of calling their tech support line everyday and ranting at the agents. When I do call them, I ask for a supervisor immediately because I know they're just gonna tell me the same thing. The supervisor will at least try to listen to what I say. I've requested to change my Wimax service to a wired DSL service now. It's just absurd that its taking them 2 weeks to figure out why I have no connection.

In other news, PinoyPS is going to attend this year's Anicon event. There are improvements on the organizer's side from what I've seen so far. They've contacted us early and now we're able to prepare things in advance. The problem now lies within the PPS community. There are those who love to give support to the community (like me) and would be glad to give to the community, but what irks me now is that there are those who just talk and talk. They keep saying they'll do this and that yet they complain. My advice. If you are just gonna complain that the place is too far and that you are bringing a lot of stuff, might as well not donate anything. I'm from Laguna and you don't see me complain so just shut up. I bring my PS3 all the time to events in Manila so you can't squiggle your way out of giving lame excuses. Still I'm glad that there are those who at least listen and actually contribute to the PPS growth.

So what's next?

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