Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Who do you think I am?!?


I could say I had a swell day at work today but when I got home something just irked me a lot. Who the hell do you think I am?!? I come home from work hoping to relax and get a good days rest but no! Acting like the king of the house and giving me that smirk look. Its a good thing I am trying to control my anger otherwise we would have ended the night without water.

Now that I’ve ranted, I think you guys are familiar with that symbol. Its the symbol of the Gurren Brigade, and yeah, thanks to Animax, I found myself downloading a batch torrent of the subbed versions of Gurren Lagann. Animax does a great job with the dubbing but I prefer the original Japanese voices.

Currently on pause from playing NeoSteam today since its a maintenance day on the server. My character has gone up to level 59. Phew, I can’t believe I made it past the half-way mark of the max character level limit! The max level limit for NeoSteam is 100, so that means I need, 41 more levels to go. Lol.

Anyway, its been a really hectic night, I’m going to try to chill a bit and rest and watch some more Gurren Lagann. So WHO DO YOU THINK I AM???

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Half way there

So we have a new month and a new week and things seem the same so far. Work has been tedious. A couple of ups and downs but noting out of the extraordinary. I've also come to the conclusion that my circle of friends are limited to that off my online buddies nowadays. I find that sad lol. It has been an interesting past week since the E3 conferences. I traditionally blog about those but for some reason I just didn't had it in me, or I was just too lazy. You can also probably blame NeoSteam, a new MMO that I'm currently addicted with. I like the company, an international server, with decent people and a robust community. This might come to the Philippines though, but I'm not going to join the local community. Most Filipino online players are just downright self-centered and rude. There are a few who adhere to morals and honesty but like I've said only a select few that I can count with both my hands and feet.

Myo has gone YLOD again. Yep, my PS3 has got that dreaded yellow light of death once more and for the third time. I can reflow her again but if this keeps on happening it would be too much of a hassle. I'm seriously thinking of retiring my PS3 gaming habits and sticking to old reliable PC again. I just can't afford buying another PS3 as I have too many financial responsibilities at home. I really do envy those people who live off their parent's fortunes. Sitting back doing nothing but worrying what to buy next. That would be the life ain't it? Or I might just go for a Wii next time.

I've catched up quite a bit on my Anime as well. I've marathoned Claymore and Kannagi the other week. I have got to catch up on FMA: Brotherhood, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya season 2, Saki, Tears to Tiara and Valkyria Chronicles though.

Anyway, its going to be a pretty busy week. Work skeds might be changed again, and I'm missing out on the ADnD campaign. Sigh. Oh well... that's life for ya.

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