Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Twisted minds

Okay, it was an unexpected first day at training. It seems that there are more like me who have previously worked at other call centers. The group that I'm in appears to be a really colorful yet disturbing one. First of all our trainer is a cheerful and somewhat straightforward but moody person. She seems to have a built-in pride for her work and I respect that. The people I'm with are however different. We were told to introduce ourselves and say our deepest darkest secret. I can't believe that there were guys who actually say, "I dream to one day go to bed with Maria Aizawa," or "I ran into a convenience store naked during high school." I'm also alarmed at the number of lesbians (our assistant trainer is a lesbian who had a relationship with both a guy and a girl).

Anyway to cut this short since I'm blogging in the mall and I have 30 minutes left before my shift starts, my first day was interesting. I'm not going to say this would be easier since its been 5 years since my last call center job. I however no longer feel any butterflies in my stomach, and unlike my previous jobs, I have a feeling about this.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Back in the fold.

I've finally landed a job as a Tier 2 Technical Support agent with Teletech right here in town. Being a call center agent was the first job I had right after I graduated from college. I was with Client Logic back then (now known as SITEL). I stayed on for 5 months and was already pulled out from calls to be trained as a Product Specialist Supervisor. Due to some circumstances however, I had to resign because my mother was battling cancer. My dad was abroad working and we couldn't quite rely on our relatives who promised to help (but never did). This time, I'm pursuing something that I really like. My workplace is just 10 minutes away from home which is a major bonus and major savings.

It's also this time of the year when I start thinking about trivial things. I guess I can never stop this habbit since a lot has happened. I can't believe I'm still feeling the effects of events that are more than a year now. Some people call me eccentric, others old-fashioned and others call me sentimental. They're all right so I'm not complaining since every bit is true.

I'm also annoyed at a few friends who are so insensitive. I know I told them millions of times not to talk about stuff that bother me anymore but they go around my shoulder and still do it. They even talk about it themeselves and keeping it secret from me. I may be able to forgive people real fast but when I'm still frustrated you better not stand in my way. Just when I was getting settled down, their actions made me remember the pain and guilt that I've gone through. I know I need to move on but how can I move on like this when I find out that you have been talking about me behind my back?

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