Friday, August 21, 2009

Why has it gone wrong?

Being an Anime Otaku since my later years in high school, I’ve witnessed many cosplay events. Most of those events were disappointing. In the earlier years of the Anime boom in the Philippines, there were some events that hit it straight on but as the market started to get saturated and hyped up, the quality of these cosplay events have deteriorated.

I’ve written some harsh words in the past in my other blogs and I’ve received both positive and negative sides of the scene. My point was not to stir up things nor troll around but I wanted organizers to break the habit of doing the same lame thing.

Why do I do this? Well first of all, I’ve witnessed cosplay events during my visits to Singapore and Hong Kong and I can say they do hell of a lot better. Some will argue that we “have our own way” of doing things. Yet they contradict themselves when they try to mimic those events overseas. If they want the quality of our cosplays to improve then perhaps these events need to take a step further as well rather than skimping out and go with what they just have.

I sure hope that in the coming events left for this year that some improvements may be in effect. Lets hope my constant babbling (as well as others) finally reach the ears of these organizers. –keeps fingers crossed-

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