Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Music is my life


I really need to get that Gibson SG or Fender Telecaster! I need a new guitar and new guitar effects to boot! I also need to do some restoration repairs on my now vintage Fender Stratocaster. That guitar was a gift from my mom so I need to cherish it all the way.

Work is not doing so good. Here we have another classical, big fish eats little fish. The only ones who benefit from our skills are those on the upper ladder. Empty promises, empty words and empty responses. A friend of mine talked to me the other day and offered a real tech job. Probably, a wordpress/joomla/drupal webmaster if I can get accepted. I’ve submitted some of the requirements that they’ve needed as well as whipped up a simple portfolio.

My internet is so far holding up really good. I sure wish there was a way to bypass the friggin’ built in stupid DNS entry on the modem but its locked by Globe. I know you can manually do this on the router or on your PC but still, your modem will use the built in stupid DNS provided by the ISP. Wonder how I can unlock it… Hmm…

I’ve been catching up a lot on Anime recently. I’m currently watching Dragon Ball Kai, done with K-ON, continuing with the 2nd season of Haruhi Suzumiya and done with the epicness that is Gurren Lagann. I’m also watching a new anime series called Canaan. The same artists of Fate Stay Night are doing this and the heroine kinda looks like Saber if you look at a certain angle. Still girls and guns are one of the best genres of Anime out there. ^^