Thursday, October 29, 2009

One must be.


From the image above, I suppose you SciFi fans out there would have guessed by now that I’ve been immersed in the Stargate world, following the Stargate Atlantis tier at least. I’m currently on season 3.

The past month has rather been interesting and eye-opening. We can all agree that Ondoy will forever be burned in our minds. I’m glad I was able to help in some of the relief operations even though if it was just driving relief goods to relief centers. It’s amazing though that many people only remember God at times like these.

As for Anicon, it was postponed to a later date. We still don’t know when it will be resumed but another event, Anime Overload, has taken its place. PinoyPS has gone on full active duty to be at our best in this convention. Its happening this November 8. I’ll be manning the video booth so catch me there if you have time.

Thanks to a friend, I was able to play and finish Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on his PS3. I sure wish I could afford a PS3 slim. I feel so incompetent having to be able to play on the charity of others.

Work has never been so slow. I’m considering letting go of this freelancing website stuff and go back to working and getting my hands dirty in the office. There’s an offer near home that I’m considering. Hopefully by next month, I’ll have this new job.

Ah November. I’ve really never enjoyed my birthdays ever since a few years ago. Somehow I was always alone celebrating. Partly due to my incompetence and ignorance. I guess I should just fade to black and leave it at that.

It’s been what… almost 2 years? I can’t believe I’m still feeling like this. I keep telling myself that its over and I need to move on. But no matter how much I fool myself into thinking that its impossible, something inside me just keeps on clinging to that obscure hope. Its annoying. I wish I was like Data (the android from star trek). I could turn off my emotion chip anytime  I want to. I wish I had that friend who would understand everything and be able to help me out, or wish that my mother was still alive. She was the only one I could ever really talk to. Still, those fairytale stories, are just that… just stories. Only a few fortunate souls really ever experience them. I’m just part of the statistic that will forever be miserable no matter home much work I put into it nor how much hope I adhere to.


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