Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Deneb, Atair, Vega…


I thought great opportunities only existed in TV shows, movies and anime. Only a fool would think that these are possible in real life, but I was wrong. I had an extremely awe inspiring exhilarating day today and I could not help but blog this.

I met up with my boss whom I did website stuff for clients. He’s moving his office to the Philippines and at first I was shocked to find out that he needs a “manager” and/or a right-hand man. Basically, he wants me for the job since thru our work together, even though for a short period of time, has proven enough that I can handle the task. I’ve also met with his partner “investor” who is willing to throw money into this project. Mr. Azer (not his real name) wants to register this company as an IPO in the Toronto Stock Exchange. With my boss’ plan and his foresight into the stock market, they believe that this will be a great opportunity to earn money.

To cut things short, my boss wants me to handle a managerial position. I’ll be getting a monthly structural bonus if my work is great, and they’re even offering free logging at Pasig City, since the office will be there. I was all stunned to hear this especially when my boss said aside from the salary, I also have an allowance. Wow. And to put more icing on the cake, his investor says that if this really goes well, he won’t hesitate to give me some stock with the company if all falls into place. Did I also mention that there is a huge possibility that they may send me to the United States and/or Canada? My head just blew off…

How could I say no to that? It’s a given that I will have to work my arse off more and some sacrifices are to be made. I’m prepared for it. I thank God with all my heart for this opportunity and I hope this will be the final struggle that I have to contend with to get my life into order.

Tomorrow I’m helping my boss look for office space to rent and help him with the utilities and other stuff. I’ll also be signing my contract tomorrow. I’m nervous at the whole prospect but who wouldn’t be?

Thank you Lord, thank you!


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