Tuesday, December 29, 2009

D0 j00 und3r574nd m3h?


It’s the last two days of the year and I thought I’d post my last blog entry for the year. You are probably wondering why I have a MegaTokyo image up there. Well, I was doing a bit of cleaning in my room and I stumbled across my old MT paperback manga that was in my “geek drawer”. Picked up book one and started reading again. Something caught my eye and it made me tear. In between pages 16 and 17, where Largo and Piro sneaks in to the E3 conference posing as Ion Storm employees, and the part where they suddenly go to Japan when Largo strangles Piro with the headphone cords, I found something dear. A dried up, well-preserved flower. I’ve forgotten what type of flower it was but it looks like a small Daisy.

“Kono sekai wo melody…”

Anyway, its the end of the year. I guess I’ll summarize what has happened so far. At the beginning of the year I finally got another job as a tier 2 agent for a call center. It was promising at first but it turns out that this call center screwed its employees. I didn’t like our department heads either. They were no-real talent people who were just posers and arse-kissers. I couldn’t stand working under a person who’s the head of a Technical Support department but knew nothing about IP addresses, the difference of ADSL and SDSL and memory core speeds. So after three months I quit. I decided to take up freelancing as an alternative. I was finally getting paid in dollars but the pay was only there when you had projects coming in. It was basically on and off for me. An unexpected blessing has presented itself though. My American boss decided to start an office in the Philippines and he wants me to be part of the management and admin team. Basically, I’m his personal assistant for now, but once we get the office up and running this January, I’ll be doing real managerial work. He’s also laid out a comprehensive bonus plan and great incentives. He even let me in on something I never thought I would dream of, but that is another story for another time. Thank you Lord.

“Chikoku ha shitemo soutai ha Non Non Non…”

It was a really sad gaming year for me. Myio (my PS3 as I affectionately call her) has suffered from the dreaded YLOD (Yellow Light of Death). I revived her temporarily many times using the re-flow method but I couldn’t use her for extended periods of time anymore. Basically, I missed out on most of the console games, with the exception of Uncharted 2, which I was able to play when a friend came over with his PS3 slim. I’ve also become a bit idle at PinoyPS since I could not talk about anything since my PS3 is MIA. I was able to play the Japanese demo of Final Fantasy 13 though, and I must get Myio fixed by March 2010 is all I could say! Thanks also to another friend for letting me play the God of War 3 demo on his PS3. Another reason why I should get Myio fixed. I’m quite hopeful though that by January, Myio can be repaired permanently.

“Kawari yuku kisetsu ga machinami somete yuku…”

This year was also significant because I went back to playing Pangya, which is now on its fourth season. If anyone wants to join me, I’m playing on the international server handled by Ntreev USA. I’m proud to say I’ve reached Amateur  ranking, with Angel Wings and a very low quit rate. What really drew me back to this game is the fact that Ntreev is actually trying to please its customers and there is so much improvement in the game that its easier to level up now.

“Sagashite yumemite kotae dashite…”

So the New Year is upon us. I’ve been wondering for a while though about something. I really never did any resolutions in my past New Year’s because I thought it was foolish. But now I see that if it will give me hope or something to look forward to, then I guess it wouldn’t hurt. There’s only one resolution I’m considering. It was actually what someone told me a couple of years back. “Fix your life.” And that, I will…

“Okina chansu ni naru ka mo shirenai…”


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