Sunday, January 24, 2010

Another path…


Time to update the old blog. It’s my first Sunday evening at the Condo, had a light dinner and I’m trying to relax a bit before I continue to self study some of the software that I’m required to learn for work.

My boss is not too bad actually. Unlike the many Americans whom I’ve known personally, he is one of the most simplest guys. He isn’t picky when it comes to eating, in fact you can easily please him with good local food. I was surprised the other day when I took him to an “Inasal” restaurant last Thursday, and boy did his face light up when he tasted the Chicken Inasal. He kept going on and on about how tender and moist the chicken was and how delicate it was cooked. I was also surprised that he liked the Palabok a lot. He even got to the point where he wanted to learn the recipe for it.

The condo we have here is not too shaby. In fact, this is the first time I’ve lived extravagantly like this. It’s a 2 bedroom condo unit. My boss occupies the master bedroom while I occupy the adjacent room (which I find so spacious since this is like 2 times bigger than my room at home). We’ve got all the furnishings available, air-conditioning in every room, and we have a killer view at the balcony. We’re on the 12th floor. On top of that, the condo has its own private pool and Jacuzzi, a gym with all the treadmills, body building and other exercise equipment. In case you’re wondering, the condo is located at Garnett Road, right behind the Strata building where Jam 88.3 is located.

I’m still having a bit of trouble eating out with my boss since he does like to eat at some fancy snazzy restaurants. Just today, we had lunch at Dad’s / Saisaki / Kamayan. We did the buffet, eat-all-you-can thing. I’m still full! I must have eaten like a kilo of Tuna Sashimi rofl. We then went over to Shangri-la and picked up a few appliances from True Value and then headed over to SM Appliance Center at Megamall to pick up a DVD player and a sound system.

Boy, do I have to take in a lot of learning. There’s a lot of software that I need to learn to get going here. He’s training me to be a manager for the company after all so I need to get serious. When this thing goes full boom, I’m sure things will get chaotic real fast. I’m starting to get some people on board, I’ve contacted Mackie but I’ve yet to wait for my boss’ approval on his sample work. I also managed to contact Haoson just today since I do know he does write-ups and content for websites so he had the qualifications and know-how.

My boss and I also had a sort of strategic meeting. You know, what our goals are for the next few months and etc. I was surprised though when he said that he would take me to Thailand maybe in 3-4 months time when he does one of his business meetings with some clients over there. I’m like wow. But we’ll see. Not keeping my hopes up but we’ll see. >_<

Phew, I guess I’ll watch a bit of Anime and then continue reviewing and studying these programs (Believe me when I say that I’m not even on the 50% mark on these programs @_@). I pray that God may guide me thru this opportunity and I may finally make something out of my life that has been so down and depressing so far.


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