Friday, January 29, 2010

Moving at the speed of sight


Wordpress has become my world for the past week. I’ve done a great deal of research in accordance with the points that my boss has given me and I’ve got tons of stuff here on my work outline software. It may appear quite significant but, I’ve never been this organized before. If only I came across this software way back, it could have made my work really easier.

Anyhow, in a period of 2 weeks, I’ve come to understand so much that I guess you could call me an SEO specialist. I could probably be a Wordpress professional as well but there is still much to learn. I’m also giving some ideas to Mackie, whom we’ve hired as the new graphics guy. I know he’s overwhelmed but I have complete trust that he will get all his learning done real quick so he can catch up with me and my boss.

I haven’t been able to watch any of the latest Anime releases recently since work has bogged me down. The only form of entertainment I have right now is re-reading MegaTokyo. Boy I miss that manga. I can’t believe it is now 10 years old!

I got to go. It’s 10:32 PM, a friday night, yet I’m still working! Rushing a website for a client that needs to be done by tomorrow. Whew… at least I’m getting paid tomorrow for my work. Ja~ ^^


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